The future of the Dartmouth Sportsplex

Focus on children and youth:

Childhood obesity and inactivity are growing problems in our community.  We need to create an experience that youth want to participate in.

  • A gymnasium, and additional programming was key to creating youth centric experiences.

The importance of community access:

Community access is a priority for the Dartmouth Sportsplex. 

  1. Programs such as our partnerships with HRSB, HRM Kids, service providers such as the Nova Scotia Hospital or the  IWK residential program for youth, and our ongoing work with the East Division Community Policing Office are great examples of the Sportsplex reaching out into the community. 
  2. There is much more than can be done with a renewed and revitalized facility and we are committed to providing services to everyone.

Sports and opportunities for recreational play and basic learn to programming

Currently people and their families often must go over to peninsular Halifax or Clayton Park to access sport and recreational programs and facilities for such things as badminton, volleyball or basketball.

  1. Children, youth and families need these types of recreation opportunities in their own community. 
  2. Residents want to enjoy general play and basic learn-to-play instruction in basketball, volleyball, badminton and many other programs. 
  3. Combine a gymnasium with our arena, swimming pools and fitness centre and you have a true Sportsplex … able to provide hours of fun, recreation and skill development for all members in our community.

Health & Fitness

We know long term success is greatly enhanced with a diverse menu of programming options. With an enhanced & revitalized fitness centre, we've provided a full family opportunity to take part in active lifestyle choices. We believe that with this diversity we'll be able to provide something for everyone, new opportunities to explore, and options for all ages to be healthy & active throughout their lifetime. Our comprehensive fitness options will include:

  1. New fitness centre with natural lighting and up to date equipment
  2. Dedicated studio space for programs
  3. A gymnasium with intramural style play, free play, and 'learn-to-play' opportunities.
  4. Improved opportunities for social interaction
  5. And our renovated indoor track



  • New Double Gymnasium
  • Renovated Locker/Change Rooms
  • New Front Entrance & Lobby Space
  • New Fitness/Cardio Rooms Overlooking Halifax Harbour
  • Repainting/Replacing Existing Metal Roofing
  • Renovated Program Rooms
  • Refurbished Racquetball and Squash Court
  • New Water Slides
  • New Water Spray Feature


  • Improve Overall Community Recreation Program Delivery
  • Make The Building More Inviting To Public
  • Improve Multi-Use Space For All Age Groups, Including Seniors Programs
  • Increase The Number Of Users Of The Facility
  • Increased Level Of Accessibility So More People Can Use The Facility
  • Improve The Energy Efficiency & User Experience By Replacing Outdated Equipment
  • Improve Visibility & Security 
  • More Natural Lighting
  • Improve The State Of Good Repair

Selected Technologies

  • In-Floor Heating For Change Rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • High Speed Hand Dryers
  • High Efficiency LED Lighting
  • New Skylights