What’s Coming to the Dartmouth Sportsplex

The future of the Dartmouth Sportsplex is bright. With a focus on youth, community access, and better recreation opportunities, the new Dartmouth Sportsplex strives to build healthier, happier, and more engaged communities.

Key Focuses

While planning the new Dartmouth Sportsplex, we worked with our community, HRM, as well as other organizations in the municipality to determine what our key focuses should be and how we can bring them to life. We’ve identified the following focuses as critical to our–and our community’s–success:

Children and Youth

Childhood obesity and inactivity are growing problems in our community. Our goal is to create a youth-centric experience that draws in young people and inspires them to engage. To achieve this goal, we’re building a gymnasium, as well as developing enhanced, expanded programming that focuses on youth, such as our Saturday Night Teen Takeover.

Community Access

Nothing is more important than ensuring everyone who wants to play has a chance to participate. Community access is a top priority for the new and improved Dartmouth Sportsplex.

To improve community access, the Sportsplex will:

  • Continue to work with organizations like the Halifax Regional School Board, HRM Kids, the Nova Scotia Hospital, the IWK Residential Program for Youth, and the East Division Community Policing Office to ensure we’re reaching out to all segments of our community.
  • Strive to increase community outreach, collaborating with organizations that have similar goals to ours to reach more residents.

Access to Sports and Recreation

For families in Dartmouth, playing sports often means commuting to Halifax and Clayton Park to access suitable recreation programs and facilities. The new Dartmouth Sportsplex will endeavor to offer better programming, better equipment, and better resources than in the past–ensuring children, youth, and their families have a place to learn and play.

Offering better access to sports and recreation involves:

  • Adding a large, well-equipped gymnasium to our arena, swimming pools, and fitness centre to create a true Sportsplex.
  • Offering basic learn-to-play programming in basketball, volleyball, badminton, pickleball, and other sports.

Holistic Health and Fitness

Great communities have citizens who are healthy in mind, body, and spirit. The new Dartmouth Sportsplex will focus on supporting our community members in living a holistically healthy lifestyle and  reaching their full potential.

To support our community, we must create opportunities for the whole family. By diversifying our programming and upgrading our facilities, we’ll be able to provide more options for all ages. With a growing senior population in Dartmouth, we are very focused on supporting older adults in bettering their overall health. This will involve expanding our senior programming and offering new opportunities for seniors to participate and focus on health and wellness.

Features and Outcomes

People are very curious about how the new Dartmouth Sportsplex will look and feel–and we don’t blame you! The new Dartmouth Sportsplex is going to be a really exciting place to work and play.

Upgrading our facilities is integral to achieving our desired outcomes. The following upgrades are being made to better serve our customers and create a community hub where everyone feels welcome and comfortable:

  • A new double gymnasium that will be used for learn to play programming, sports, open gym time, tournaments, and even birthday parties and community events.
  • Renovated locker rooms and change rooms.
  • A brand new front entrance and lobby space that’s open and bright, hosting a truly unique and exciting piece of public art.
  • New fitness and cardio rooms with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Halifax Harbour.
  • Renovated event and program rooms.
  • Refurbished racquetball and squash courts.
  • A new waterslide with see-through sections, lights along the interior, and its own dedicated deck exit, meaning those who aren’t strong swimmers yet can still enjoy waterslide fun.
  • A new splash pad for children.
  • A new, bigger whirlpool.
  • Updates to the building’s exterior, including repainting and resurfacing the existing metal roofing.
  • In-floor heating in changing rooms, contributing to making the overall facility more comfortable.
  • Building-wide free WiFi.
  • New skylights and bigger windows to offer more natural light.
  • High-efficiency LED lighting and high speed hand dryers that will help improve sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.

These upgrades (and more) will help us achieve our desired outcomes, which include:

  • Improving overall recreation opportunities and program delivery in our community.
  • Making the Dartmouth Sportsplex more inviting and engaging to the public.
  • Improving multi-use spaces for all age groups.
  • Increasing the number of people who use (and enjoy) the facility.
  • Improving accessibility so more people can comfortably participate in recreation and programming.
  • Improving the building’s sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • Improving visibility and security in the facility.
  • Offering more natural lighting to create an inviting, attractive space.

Contact Us

What do you think? If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for the brand new Dartmouth Sportsplex–we want to hear from you! Contact us anytime at feedback@dartmouthsportsplex.com.

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