Our Track - is open until the end of April 2018, see below for fee and times.

  • Premium shock absorption: 35% Force reduction
  • Made from recycled product; lead, mercury and heavy metal free
  • Ideal for walking and running  
  • There is a fee for using the Track/cardio equipment
  • The Track is one lane only, from section 10 to section 16 due to a Construction wall barrier, runners and walkers must be aware of each other at this narrowing. Please be patient as runners may have to slow down in this section and Walkers may have to move over to let folks pass.
  • Track users must leave promptly at closing time
  • Please do not arrive before the track/office is scheduled to be open, as you may have to wait outside
  • There are a few pieces of cardio equipment on the track as well that can be used with the Track fee, only when the track is scheduled open.
  • Track and office are only open during scheduled times, see times listed below
  • Walking poles must have rubber feet, no spikes are allowed on poles or shoes

7 laps = 1 mile/ 1.6K
5K = 22.5 laps; 10K = 45 laps


Track and Desk (temp office on Track) Schedule

The Track is open only during posted times, for a fee. Track Fee is $5 per person, per visit or you can buy a Ten Punch Track Pass card for $25 when the track is open. We accept debit, credit card and cash. Please be reminder this is Track usage only, there are not locker rooms for showers. Track passes can only be purchased at the temporary office located on the track, during open Track times. 

The track schedule is subject to change. Please check back regularly & read the dates and times carefully. Track users must pay to use the track and leave promptly at closing time. Please do not come before track is scheduled to be open as you may have to wait outside.

Due to our closure for renovations all promotional, guest, single use or trial passes and credit notes must be used before May 26, 2017.  After this date they will have expired, have no cash value, and no longer be usable. Punch track passes can be used for the Track when open.  Credit notes will be honoured when the facility re-opens in the Fall of 2018. 

Track Fee is $5 per person, per visit or you can buy a Ten Punch Track Pass card for $25 at the temporary office set up on the track. It is open only during track hours. Track users must leave promptly at closing time. 



 April 1 - 30, 2018

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Closed May 1,2018 until... T.B.A (Fall 2018)


Open Times,

Track and Desk Hours


CLOSED until Fall 2018 


CLOSED until Fall 2018 


CLOSED until Fall 2018 


CLOSED until Fall 2018 


CLOSED until Fall 2018 


CLOSED until Fall 2018 


CLOSED until Fall 2018 

Entrance to Arena, Track and temporary office.