Note: Parking is always free for facility users. Our parking passes are available for those who wish to use our parking lot during the day while at work, commuting, etc.

Parking Passes at the Dartmouth Sportsplex

While the Dartmouth Sportsplex is under renovation, parking passes will still be available for purchase. Cars parked in the Sportsplex parking lot must have a valid parking pass displayed on their dashboard. The lot is monitored, meaning those who are parked in the lot without a proper pass on display will be ticketed. Passes can be purchased during track hours (see here).

Information About Parking Passes

  • We do not offer daily parking.
  • Parking passes are sold quarterly. $135 for 3 months. 
  • Parking passes are limited.
  • Parking passes are non-refundable.
  • Please note: we have been informed by Metro Transit that there was an error in material provided to NSCC students. While this material states that parking is free at all Park and Rides with a U-Pass, it is incorrect. You must still have parking passes for the Dartmouth Sportsplex and Alderney. 

How to Purchase a Pass

Parking can be purchased during track hours. Questions should be directed to Michelle Harris by email ( or by phone at (902) 464-2600 ext. 316.

Debit, credit card or cash can be used for payment (no cheques).

Parking Policies

  • Please refrain from parking in spots that say "Staff Parking".
  • By Nantucket St., there is a row allotted to Metro Transit Staff. This section is monitored by Metro Transit, as employees have a special pass to display. Cars without proper passes parked in this row will be ticketed.
  • For a list of Park & Ride areas, visit the Halifax Transit Website. The Halifax Transit website provides a list of which Park & Rides have fees or are free (e.g. there is FREE Park & Ride at the Portland Hills terminal, Woodside Ferry Terminal, Maybank Field, and others).
  • Parking spaces are on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • We have approximately 20 days a year when the parking lot is exceptionally busy due to major events. We do our best to notify the community in advance via notices on your vehicle or through our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter).
  • The Dartmouth Sportsplex is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of parking in the lot.
  • The Dartmouth Sportsplex assumes NO liability or responsibility for vehicle, contents, or parking lot conditions.
  • Parking pass must be clearly displayed on your dashboard. Failure to do so may result in a parking ticket.
  • Parking pass are NON-REPLACEABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • No overnight parking is permitted.
  • We reserve the right to refuse, suspend, or revoke parking privileges for anyone who fails to comply with these rules and regulations.

If you have any questions or concerns about parking at the Dartmouth Sportsplex, please contact Michelle Harris by phone at (902) 464-2600 ext. 316 or by e-mail at