Why now?

The Dartmouth Sportsplex has been a true asset to our community for the past 35 years. In 1982, the Sportsplex was built to provide our community with a place to swim and a place to skate–but over the years, we’ve learned that our residents need and hope for so much more out of the facility.

Through a combination of formal research and community outreach, we’ve learned a lot about what our community needs to thrive. An independent study conducted by Asbell Management Innovation shows that our residents want a more accessible, youth-focused, and modern facility. We also know that the older adult population in our community is rapidly expanding and we need to offer specific programs and services to meet their needs.  This means:

  • Access to a gymnasium for competitive recreation and sports.
  • More fitness opportunities for youth and seniors.
  • Better options for community members who experience physical, financial, and/or other barriers.
  • Expanded, enhanced programming.
  • More spaces dedicated to passive and active recreation, community engagement, and programming.

With a focus on these core necessities–as well as a new mandate that promotes the health and wellbeing of every individual member of our community–we’ve come up with real solutions. The new Dartmouth Sportsplex will aim to:

  • Promote youth activity and reduce childhood obesity.
  • Empower an active, fulfilling lifestyle for both youth and adults.
  • Provide opportunities for quality, active family time.
  • Support people focusing on preventative health, recovering from injuries, post-cardiac and stroke recovery, diabetes management, and other health-related goals.
  • Offer engaging activities for older adults.
  • Drive community outreach, working with community groups that have similar visions to achieve our goals.

Sustainability at the Dartmouth Sportsplex

As always, we are committed to “green operations”. We’re one of Nova Scotian leaders in heat recovery and energy management, and are one of the first pools in Atlantic Canada to offer ultra violet (UV) water treatment, greatly improving water and air quality to our facility users.

By using innovative modern mechanical systems and extensive energy management controls we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as our utility costs.

Contact Us

What do you think? Does the new Dartmouth Sportsplex sound like somewhere you’d love to be? If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions–we’d love to hear from you. Contact us anytime at feedback@dartmouthsportsplex.com.

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