Frequently Asked Questions


What will the Dartmouth Sportsplex be like after the renovations?

The Dartmouth Sportsplex will boast a new gymnasium, fitness centre and studios, meeting rooms as well renovated open and airy public spaces. The facility will be an open and bright community centre with a friendly, welcoming front desk within the entrance to the building. There will be various areas in the building for people to gather and meet friends and neighbours. In addition to the physical renovations, the facility will embrace a new mandate as a community hub, providing accessible services to as many citizens as possible.

When do the renovations start and when will they be finished?

Renovations will start in spring 2017 and be finished in early fall 2018.

Will there be any changes to the current services I use now, until the start of the renovations?

Services between now and the start of the renovations will continue as normal.

During the renovations, will there be closures?

The facility, other than the arena, will be closed during the renovations. The arena will be open during the regular season for ice rentals (Oct. 2017-April 2018).

Could the work be done in phases to keep some parts of the facility open?

The extent of the renovations makes it unsafe for customers to be in most areas of the facility. The entire centre and south ends of the building will be gutted on both levels, making closures unavoidable. Any attempts to re-open small sections of the building before the completion of the renovation work would create significant safety concerns and dramatically increase both cost and time to complete the work.

Why can the arena stay open?

The arena will not be affected by the renovations. Due to the arena’s separate entrances, washroom and air handling systems, the arena can be physically separated from the construction areas. However, we will not be able to accommodate large events in the arena until the revitalization is complete due to the limited number of washrooms and exits.

What can I do for health, fitness and recreation while the Dartmouth Sportsplex is closed?

Local recreation centres such as the Findlay Centre and Dartmouth North Community Centre will offer extra fitness and recreation programs throughout the service interruptions. In addition, other facilities in the municipality will offer options for people looking to stay active. The Dartmouth Sportsplex will ensure its customers are aware of all their options before renovations begin.  <<Click here for Fitness Options Brochure>>

What happens to my membership or passes while the athletic and aquatic services are suspended?

All new memberships will expire, at the latest, by May 26, 2017. Customers will get a refund for the unused portion of their membership or prepaid services if their current membership expires after renovations begin.  Guest or trial passes must be used before May 26, 2017.  After this date they will have expired, have no cash value, and no longer be usable. Punch passes will be honoured when the facility re-opens in the Fall of 2018.

Will the squash and racquetball courts be upgraded during the renovations?

The courts will be completely refurbished during the process. This includes improvements to the walls, ceiling, and floors. Dartmouth Sportsplex staff are looking forward to welcoming back many racquetball, squash and handball players once the facility is revitalized.

What will the gymnasium be used for? Will I be able play sports with my friends and family?

The gymnasium schedule will include options for a broad base of users. The Dartmouth Sportsplex will set aside time for sports such as basketball, gymnastics, badminton, pickle ball & volleyball. There will be various opportunities for children, youth, adults and families to play in various sports. The gym will also be used for large scale accessible fitness programs such as Zumba or chair-fit classes. We hope to attract several sporting tournaments to our community. Finally, the Dartmouth Sportsplex day camps programs will be able to expand to include sports development camps during school holidays and in-service days.

Why does Pirate’s Cove need to be changed? What impact will this have on my enjoyment of the pool?

Pirate’s Cove was the first indoor multiple slide water park structure in the municipality and it has served our community well. The revitalization project provides an opportunity to make changes that will allow more people to utilize water slides in our facility, create new experiences, reduce the impact the slides have on other users, and make it safer for everyone. In addition to new slides, the pool renovations will include new tiling, a ramp to assist people as they enter the training pool, and a splash pad area for young children and families.

Will there be new equipment as part of the re-opening of the fitness centre?

Yes, the Dartmouth Sportsplex plans to have a whole line of new equipment when the health and fitness services re-open in 2018. Let us know if you have suggestions about what type of equipment you would like to see installed.

The Dartmouth Sportsplex is too expensive for me and my family to use. Will there be new finance options for me to use this new facility?

Absolutely. One of the key elements of the overall revitalization of the Dartmouth Sportsplex includes a commitment to ensure everyone can access services in the facility. The Dartmouth Sportsplex has already implemented a number of access initiatives and has hundreds of people using the facility who historically have not been able to. These initiatives will be expanded in the revitalized Dartmouth Sportsplex.

Why is the steam room and sauna being removed?

In order to replace the waterslides with safe routes that don’t interfere with other pool users – and provide a spray area for families – only one spa feature can be retained. The most popular feature is the whirlpool.  As such, the whirlpool will be rebuilt on the pool deck but there is no space left for a steam room or sauna.

What’s being done to ensure the transformed building is energy efficient?

The Dartmouth Sportsplex is already considered a leader among rec centres in Atlantic Canada for its green initiatives. And that won’t change with this revitalization. An important theme of this project will be energy efficiency. The building currently re-uses ‘waste heat’ from the arena to pre-heat the pool water. We also use it to pre-heat our boiler water. And we use ‘waste cold’ off the ice plant to cool the arena air. We also have the first solar wall installed in Nova Scotia.

I host my event at the Dartmouth Sportsplex every year. Where can I go while the facility is being renovated?

The Dartmouth Sportsplex events office will be happy to provide you with recommendations for other locations you could consider for your event. 

If the arena is still able to be used why can’t large events still be held in there?

While the arena will still be open there are not enough washrooms or required exits to meet fire code to safely host a large number of people in that space until the renovations are completed.

Why is bingo no longer going to be offered at the Dartmouth Sportsplex?

In order to provide users with a full size gymnasium, the Common Room has to be renovated to create sufficient space for this addition. That means when renovations start there will no longer be space available in the Dartmouth Sportsplex to offer bingo. We will be examining options to continue to host bingo from an off-site location and will provide more information about this in spring 2017.

Parking is sometimes a problem at the Dartmouth Sportsplex. Why is the parking lot not being expanded?

An operations review of the Dartmouth Sportsplex shows there is usually enough parking to meet the needs of the facility. There are only 11-12 days per year when the facility doesn’t have enough parking. On those days the facility needs hundreds more parking spaces, not just a few. There is no way to add hundreds of parking spaces without perhaps building a parking structure, which is simply not feasible. We hope with the addition of the Dartmouth transit terminal that on days when the Dartmouth Sportsplex is extremely busy people will utilize Halifax Transit to get to and from our facility. In addition, the Dartmouth Sportsplex will be adding new bike racks to encourage more people to use active transportation.

Why are you announcing this now?

June is one of the busiest months for events at the Dartmouth Sportsplex. The majority of these events occur on an annual basis and would normally re-book their event this month for June 2017. The Dartmouth Sportsplex felt it only fair to tell our customers before they purchase services that we already know will not be available next year.