Frequently Asked Questions

What will the Dartmouth Sportsplex be like after the renovations?

The Dartmouth Sportsplex will be more open and bright. The facility will boast a new gymnasium, a new fitness centre and studios, new meeting rooms, and inviting public spaces where our community can meet to work or enjoy leisure time. The facility will operate as a true community hub with a friendly, welcoming front desk as soon as you walk in. In addition to the physical renovations, the facility will embrace a new mandate that includes providing accessible services to as many citizens as possible.

When will the renovations be finished and when I can start using the facility?

The renovations will be completed in November 2018, with the facility opening for tours and a variety of ‘Come and Play’ activities in December and a full programs and services launch in January 2019.

I thought the renovations were going to be finished in September?

While the initial plan had a September completion date, this workplan assumed no major obstacles or delays. As the project progressed, there were several delays, including additional repairs to some of the core infrastructure and additional site preparation such as rock breaking. The Revitalization team has worked as diligently as possible given these challenges and we are extremely pleased with their commitment to getting the work done quickly and more importantly, with safety top-of-mind. The new facility is looking fantastic and we can assure you that the outcome will be worth the wait.

Could the work have been done in phases to keep some parts of the facility open?

The extent of the renovations makes it unsafe for customers to be in most areas of the facility. The entire centre and south ends of the building are being gutted on both levels, making closures unavoidable. Any attempts to re-open small sections of the building before the completion of the renovation work would create significant safety concerns and dramatically increase both cost and time to complete the work.

What can I do for health, fitness and recreation while the Dartmouth Sportsplex is closed?

Local recreation centres such as the Findlay Centre and Dartmouth North Community Centre will offer extra fitness and recreation programs throughout the service interruptions. In addition, other facilities in the municipality will offer options for people looking to stay active. The Dartmouth Sportsplex will ensure its customers are aware of all their options before renovations begin.  <<Click here for Fitness Options Brochure>>

Will the arena be open in September for hockey like it was last year?

Yes, the arena will be open on September 10, 2018 for hockey and ice rentals. The track will also be available this fall for walkers and runners.

What about the Dartmouth Handcrafters Guild Christmas Craft Show?

As the Craft Show is entirely contained in the arena and requires minimal other services, we’re pleased to host the Christmas Craft Fair at the end of October. Once the facility is fully operational in January 2019, we will be available to host many types of large events.

Are the squash and racquetball courts being upgraded during the renovations?

The courts will be completely refurbished during the process. This includes improvements to the walls, ceiling, and floors. Dartmouth Sportsplex staff are looking forward to welcoming back many racquetball, squash, and handball players once the facility is revitalized.

What will the gymnasium be used for? Will I be able play sports with my friends and family?

While designing the new Sportsplex, we knew a gymnasium was a top priority for our citizens. The new gymnasium will feature a thoughtful schedule that includes options for everyone. The Sportsplex will set aside time for playing (and learning the basics of) sports like basketball, gymnastics, badminton, pickleball, and volleyball. We’re also very excited at the possibility of launching Powerchair Soccer–a popular motorized wheelchair sport that has yet to reach Nova Scotia.

In addition to dedicated time for sports, there will be numerous opportunities for children, youth, adults, and families to take advantage of the gymnasium. The gym will also be used for large scale, accessible fitness programs such as Zumba and chair-fit classes. We hope to attract many exciting sporting tournaments to our community.

The gymnasium offers us an exciting opportunity to expand our programming to include sports development camps during school holidays and in-service days.

What will the new pool features look like? What impact will this have on my enjoyment of the pool?

The new pool is going to be better than ever. One of the most exciting parts of our new pool will be a brand new waterslide that will replace the old red slide.

This slide will have a dedicated deck exit, meaning riders will land in a shallow flume instead of in the swimming pool. This is exciting for youth and adults alike who aren’t yet strong swimmers–they’ll be able to enjoy waterslide fun, too. This slide will also feature see-through sections so spectators can see the rider inside the slide, as well as an interior lightshow.

The green slide is still going to be part of the pool as well, and we’re also adding a new rock climbing wall and a splash pad for children.

The Sportsplex is committed to ensuring that the pool is accessible, with our updated pool including a new ramp into the training pool and a self-controlled lift into the main pool. If this feature is of interest to you, check out how it works at PoolPod!

Will there be new equipment as part of the re-opening of the fitness centre?

Yes, we’ll have a whole new line of fitness equipment when we re-open. We will also offer complimentary orientation sessions for anyone who wants a rundown of the new equipment.

What is changing in the parking lot?

Throughout the project, we’re repairing several areas of the parking lot for better access and safety. Lanes will be adjusted to slow traffic going through the lot–making it safer for children and pedestrians–and new sidewalks will be installed to make it easier to get to the Sportsplex from the bus terminal.

Is public art part of the revitalization?

We’re still finalizing the public art plans for the Sportsplex–but we can confirm that there will be a very exciting public art in the main lobby of the revitalized facility. It is a truly amazing work and will serve as a show piece for years to come. In addition, the Dartmouth Sportsplex is committed to continuing (and growing!) its Artists Alley program for local community artists.

How much will things cost and when can I sign up?

In October, the Dartmouth Sportsplex will begin publishing schedules and pricing. Learn-to-play programs, such as swimming lessons, will start in January 2019 with registration opening on December 3, 2018. If you’re interested in booking an event at the Dartmouth Sportsplex, please reach out to our staff. Reservations can be made as early as May 2018 with formal contracts being issued in September.

The Dartmouth Sportsplex was too expensive for me and my family to use. Will there be new finance options for me to use this new facility?

One of the key elements of the overall revitalization of the Dartmouth Sportsplex includes a commitment to ensure everyone has access to our facility and its services. The Dartmouth Sportsplex has already implemented many access initiatives and has hundreds of people using the facility who historically, have not had the option. Post-renovation, these initiatives will be expanded to include some community fitness classes and a teen takeover on Saturday nights for youth in the community.

Can I still use my single-use passes or punch passes when the Sportsplex re-opens?

When the Sportsplex re-opens, we'll be happy to honour any punch passes that were purchased before our closure. Promotional and single use passes have expired.

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