Our Conceptual Site Plan

The grey shaded area near the top is the proposed location for the new Metro Transit Bus Terminal. By taking over the existing Metro Transit Terminal, the loss of parking spaces throughout the revitalization would be minimal. 

The darker shaded blue areas of the facility are the areas that would undergo the most significant changes: along the Wyse Rd facing side of the facility the building would punch out to near the sidewalk and potentially house the new 2 story cardio & weight centre with a view towards Halifax and up the harbour; the pool would extend slightly further out onto the front lawn to allow for an in-ground therapeutic hot tub, along with an added pool attraction such as a Flow-Rider or something similar; and finally the shaded blue area in the rear of the building would allow for construction of a gymnasium for intra-mural style sports such as basketball, badminton & free play, and an more enhanced gymnastics program for youth. It also allows for potential tournament play in such sports.